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Why do we have Ear Wax?

We all have ear wax. Except at certain points in time, we feel that it has accumulated too much to continue having it piled up in the year. But how do we know when and how to rightly remove the wax? Before we get to answer these questions, let’s talk more about the ear wax. The formal name for the earwax is cerumen. It’s naturally produced by the human body and is a mixture of cholesterol, long-chain fatty acids and a chemical compound known as Squalene. Cerumen is secreted by glands found in the out ear canal to serve some purposes that we’ll look at later in depth. The fat content of the ear wax is between 30 and 50 per cent and serves to coat the ear so as to moisturize it. Most of us produce enough wax for the ear except for a few people who have to seek medical help to correct their condition.

Ear wax cleaning

The benefits of Ear Wax

Now that we know what ear wax is and its contents, let’s delve into the benefits or the reasons why we all have ear war. The following are the main benefits you get from your cerumen.

1. Protection

In the atmosphere is debris such as bugs, dust and dirt that may easily get into the canals of our ears. These substances are unwanted by the body, meaning that they can cause a problem with the functioning of the body when they get in. To prevent these things from getting into the ear, the ear wax is produced by the ear itself. Because of its sticky nature, it has the capability of attracting these particles to it so that they’re not free to wander inside the ear canal. Also by preventing these particles from getting into the ear canal, it slows the growth of bacteria that are harmful and could lead to infections as well as other health concerns.

2. Lubrication

The contents of the wax include hair bits, cells of the dead skin, and other sweat gland secretions. These substances make the ear have a moist, balmy texture. It’s therefore right to say that the wax makes way for the lubrication in the canal of the ear. Minus the lubrication, the ear would be dry up and become itchy. This, in turn, causes the ear to feel irritated, thereby making you uncomfortable and irritated.

Ear wax cleaning

3. Self-cleansing

As a natural cleansing agent, the ear wax is made to remove itself from the ear by drifting out from the ear as the body needs it to. This is usually taking place when we move out jaws such as when we talk when we chew something or during bath and shower time. This means that our bodies have a mechanism to self-regulate for the formation and discarding of the ear wax.


Now that you know why we need ear wax, it’s important to not just it as something that messes your ear by dirtying it. There are, however, cases where you may need to clean your ears if the natural mechanism is not effective. There are many methods people have used to clean the ear, most of which are not safe as they normally involve inserting objects into the ear. If you have to clean them, seek the help of a professional or use a method in which an object is not inserted into the ear as it can damage it.