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Types of Hearing Protection

When you’re exposed to loud noises, you can end up with damaged hearing. It could result in hearing loss caused by noise known as a noise-induced hearing loss. However, there are ways you can protect your ears from this noise, mainly using hearing protection. These devices are very handy for people who have hobbies that produce loud noises or who work in very noisy places. Loss of hearing induced by loud noises is permanent and cannot be reversed, so prevention is the only option. Here are the different types of hearing protection that you can use.

Foam earplugs

These are temporary hearing protection devices that are given to people who visit construction sites or factories that produce a lot of noise. They’re rather cheap hearing protection devices since you’ll only use them for the short duration of time you’ll be spending at the site or factory. They’re great because of their low cost but can cause irritation to the ears. If you use dirty fingers to insert them into your ear, you risk getting infections of the external ear. Hence, they’re only used once and then disposed of.

Wax balls

The wax balls hearing protection devices are a very uncomfortable choice of protecting the ears from loud noises. This is because they seal off your hearing completely. This gives the sensation that you’re completely blocked off from the outside world. They’re relatively cheap but are a bit more costly than the foam earplugs. Like the foam earplugs, they’re also meant to be used only once. You may begin to feel uncomfortable after just a short period of wearing them.


Another type of hearing protection devices available are earmuffs. They come in many different models and can be clicked onto other wearable things such as the safety helmet. These can be used by different individuals, including children. These devices completely cover the ear when they’re worn. They can be made from different materials, some of which can cause irritation around the ear, particularly when the weather is warm.

Silicone plugs

Apart from the fact that the silicon plugs are made from a material that’s less irritating, they look exactly like the foam earplugs. The silicone earplugs only cover the auditory canal. They should never be inserted into the ear. Due to the way they’re meant to be worn, they can easily fall off the ear. They’re also used only once and then disposed of.

Silicone plugs ear protection

Universal earplugs

These are the most popular hearing protection devices available today. When they’re placed in the ear, they seal the auditory canal completely. However, they come with a layer system that ensures that you don’t get the sense of being completely cut off from your surroundings. They also come in various types suitable for people with different preferences.


This is a type of hearing protection that’s customised for its purpose. Otoplasties are commonly customized and used by musicians and motorcyclists. It’s long-lasting and perfectly fits in the ear. In fact, they last for years before a need arises to replace them.

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