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Tips for Cleaning Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are important tools. They’re such a big help which makes ruining one to be quite a loss. Cleaning hearing aids can be a chore, but it will keep them in good condition.

The bad news is that a lot of users tend to neglect it. Your hearing aids are at their best if you take care of them. It’s pretty easy to do and if you follow the steps below, you will be extending their service life:

Use a Brush and Wax Pick

A brush and wax pick can help you clear wax buildup that can severely damage your hearing aids. Too much earwax can cause muffled feedback. Cleaning your hearing aids by using a pick and brush will also prevent earwax from hardening.

Earwax production is normal – that’s how your body clears the ear canal to keep it functioning properly. However, every person produces earwax at a different rate. Thus, you should check your hearing aids from time to time and clean them.

Doing so helps to avoid clogging. You can do this every morning. All you have to do is to wipe your hearing aids with a clean cloth or tissue. Likewise, make sure you remove the tubes and clean them separately to prevent earwax from forming inside.

Hearing aid

Keep Your Hearing Aids Dry

Hearing aids are electronic devices, so keeping them dry is a must. Since they are not resistant to water, don’t forget to take them off before you swim, take a bath, or wash your face. You should also keep your hearing aids away from any kind of moisture. For instance, if the bathroom gets steamy when you take a shower, you should keep them in another room.

Take care of their batteries as well. Remove the cover and leave the battery compartment open before going to bed. Remember that the battery compartment is one of your hearing aids’ sensitive parts.

Leave it open every night so the air can get in to dry. Moisture tends to build up in its niches and corners. This is one of the easiest things you can do to prevent your hearing aids from getting damaged.

Use a Dehumidifying Container

A dehumidifying container is another useful accessory you can purchase. These things look like a tiny box where you can put your hearing aids each time you remove them.

They have been specially designed to keep your devices dry. Make it a habit to keep your hearing aids in a dehumidifying container when you retire to bed at night.

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Seek Help from the Professionals

You can also ask someone else to clean your hearing aids. There are companies these days that provide clean and care services for people who need extra care for their hearing aids.

Final Thoughts

Hearing aids can work better and last longer if you give them the best care and treatment they deserve. They need proper care just like most electric devices do. Thus, you should be responsible for using them just like what you do for a luxury watch, smartphone, or other devices you use regularly.