Cure for tinnitus in Hitchin, Letchworth and other areas is simple, if you trust us. Not just that, we can even help with ear wax removal in Luton and Letchworth.
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Stella Luty

"After wearing Hearing Aids for almost twenty years and during the last few, the deterioration of my hearing has been quite drastic thus causing extreme stress and lack of confidence. During these last years I have been supplied with inadequate aids and told there was little could be done for my personal loss. One declined to supply saying there was not a suitable aid on the market. However on recommendation from a relative I visited Mr Beale and found his attention, patience, knowledge and determination to help was unbelievable. Nothing was to much trouble. My supplied hearing aids have made such a difference and now able to enjoy normal conversation and watch TV without difficulty. The aftercare service is excellent and you never feel embarrassed to ask Mr Beale a question and always get a positive answer. Thank you Mr Beale."