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Peter Atkinson, Luton

"I have no hesitation in highly recommending Bedfordshire Hearing Healthcare and in particular Stephen Beale, the practitioner. Some years ago after an NHS hearing test I was issued with a single national health hearing aid. It was OK but it didn’t cure my wife’s mumbling and I eventually stopped using it. In late 2014 after much nagging I decided to buy a hearing aid privately. After searching on line arranged for a so called hearing aid expert to test my hearing at home. My hearing was tested sitting at the dining room table using a laptop and leads. I wasn’t happy with the test and some other aspects of the on line company and decided not to go ahead. By chance I found Bedfordshire Hearing Health Care and made an appointment. Stephen conducted a very, very, thorough hearing aid test using sophisticated equipment and sound booth. The test was far superior and in depth to that I experienced on the National Health and made a mockery of the one conducted at my home by the online company. I was recommended to have a pair of aids and they were ordered and arrived within a few days. It is now very clear to me that the key to successful hearing aid use is the quality of the test itself, followed by the setting up of the aids and the follow up to make the necessary alterations as your hearing become used to the louder and increased sounds and your brain learns to cope with the additional input. You don’t have to ask Stephen for any follow appointments he automatically suggests them and I have been back numerous times, at first fortnightly then with longer gaps and I have absolute confidence that if I have a problem I only have to ring and I will get an appointment. Importantly, the follow up appointments, as many as necessary, are included in the initial cost of the aid(s) Stephen makes a handwritten record card of every visit with the alterations, if any he makes to your aids. They are all kept together and he is meticulous in going back through them at every visit to make sure that before he makes any changes they are suitable and will not result in problems. I consider I was very fortunate to find Bedfordshire Hearing Healthcare and, most importantly, Stephen. As I said at the outset I have no hesitation in highly recommending him. Incidentally, my wife doesn’t mumble anymore. The added bonus is that there is parking for clients at the rear of the shop."