Text sent to a friend who had recommended Bedfordshire Hearing Healthcare for her mum.
“What a lovely chap Stephen Beale is. Mum’s appointment was at 2pm and we didn’t leave until almost 4pm. All went well and she’s had moulds taken for both ears as she’s only ever had an aid in her left ear, but her right one is even worse, but he said they should bring her hearing back up to a level that’s more comfortable for her. I think it’s the first time she’s heard in both ears for a long time. Thanks Vicki. Love from Mags.”

Dr W. B. Amos FRS

“My work as an inventor of optical instruments for medical research has been hampered by unilateral inner-ear deafness for 30 years. For the last 20 days I was alarmed and frightened by quite severe deafness and a perforated drum in the remaining ear. I consulted Stephen Beale in Bedford because the Cambridge NHS clinic could not offer me an appointment earlier than one month from my GP’s referral.

I was immediately impressed by Stephen’s care in taking notes of my previous medical treatments and by his patient and skillful application of the microsuction cannula. He explained to me what he was seeing in my ear canal and I had total confidence in allowing him to work close to the eardrum.

My hearing was restored immediately. I realized that I had not been hearing properly for months, perhaps even years. I would not hesitate to return to Stephen Beale if I develop any hearing problem in future. For such a long and expert procedure, the cost was trivial and there was no attempt at his clinic to sell me anything.”