Keith Dumpleton, St Albans

“Having been a customer of yours for several years I feel it’s time to express my thanks for all your help and advice. Your professional standards are of the highest order, and the customer service provided by yourself and all your staff continues to impress me.

The instruments you have provided are extremely effective and have made a huge difference to my life. I am particularly grateful for all the patience, care and effort you have put into fine-tuning them to my requirements.
To anyone considering private hearing healthcare, I would recommend Bedfordshire Hearing Healthcare without a moment’s hesitation.”

Chris Gibbon, Greenfield, Beds

“I have been a customer of Mr Beale for many years and have always found him to be knowledgeable, professional and happy to talk through any technical queries or worries I might have.
The first pair of aids in particular that he recommended were life-changing; they greatly improved the quality of my hearing and boosted my confidence in everyday situations.”

Peter Donohoe, Sawbridgeworth, Essex

“After a disastrous time trying to get the right help for our son, who has learning difficulties and was born completely deaf in one ear, we were finally recommended by an existing patient. Fortunately, Peter had refused to continue wearing an aid previously prescribed by a well-known provider of hearing aids, and we say fortunately because when he was tested it was found to be completely wrong for his needs. He had already lost a considerable amount of hearing in his good ear but with the help of Stephen Beale – who is really good with our son – over the last six years his life has improved greatly and he has even heard the birds sing again. The staff are also very helpful and friendly, making the whole experience less traumatic for our son. We have already recommended others and have no hesitation of doing so again.”