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How to protect your hearing on fireworks night

For millions of people around the world, fireworks display a mark or a pinnacle during the celebrations. But as these amazing displays excite our eyes, we tend to forget about our ears. Just like other explosives and bombs fireworks produce sound decibels that are well past what our ears can accommodate. For instance, one single explosion may lead to irreversible trauma to the inner ear resulting in a permanent or temporary hearing, ringing in the ears or hearing problems. Luckily, it’s very easy to protect your ears and those of your loved ones during fireworks.

How fireworks affect our hearing

Typically, fireworks produce a sound output which is between 150 and 175 decibels. Due to fireworks, a number of people lose their sense of hearing every year. When considering whether or not fireworks affect the ears you need to know the distance the person is from the source of fireworks. When you are further from the source of the sound, then fireworks are unlikely to affect your sense of hearing. The effects of fireworks may lead to tinnitus, permanent hearing loss, and temporary threshold shift. Regardless of where you are, it’s very important to protect your ears.


How to protect your ears during fireworks at night

Wear earplugs- Over the ear headphones or earplugs are usually very effective in shielding the ears from any damage Thankfully, cheap or silicon earplugs can be found at any local pharmacy. These are not only convenient but also effective. This is because they allow you to hear speech and music while blocking out any noise which can be beyond our ears normal threshold. Ensure that you wear them before the show and keep them on throughout the whole process.

Keep a safe distance- The closer you are to fireworks the greater the risk for sudden, immediate, and permanent hear loss. When it comes to fireworks you need to stay at least 500 feet from firecrackers, fireworks, and any other source of loud noise. According to the American Speech and Language Hearing Association, the safest listening levels is below the 85 decibels.

Take care of infants- Even though you need to be in the company of the whole family for you to enjoy fireworks, ensure that you take care of the infants. As compared to adults, fireworks noise can be quite damaging to the young ears. You should, therefore, not expose them to the dangers of fireworks as this can easily affect their brain and language development.

Know your limits- The best thing to do is avoid any noise that’s too close, too loud or that’s last long. For instance, if you notice that there is some buzzing or ringing in your ears you need to move far away from the source of the noise. The good thing is that you can even watch the fireworks from the inside of your car or house.

Watch out for the damage, and seek any medical attention if you feel that your ear may be affected, you need to seek help from a qualified personnel. This will help you protect your ear from any permanent damage that might occur.

While fireworks are exciting, it’s important to know that they can greatly affect your hearing. Luckily, with the right measures, you and your family can enjoy the fireworks without the fear of losing your sense of earing.