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hearing clinic ear wax removal


hearing clinic ear wax removal

Hearing Aid Maintenance

You look to your hearing aid for better hearing and to help with everyday life. Therefore, you should always look to ensure its longevity. With some corrective maintenance and care, you’ll be able to extend the lifetime of your devices and cut back the possibility of them being defective. (more…)

How Hearing Aids Can Change Your Life

Hearing loss problems are more widespread than you can think. Numerous people are unaware that the amount of people who are suffering from hearing problems are greater than the people who suffer visibility problems. By having regular hearing tests, an individual can get to know whether they have good hearing or currently have or even developed some difficulties with their hearing. 


Importance of Hearing Tests

Hearing health is easily overlooked, especially by those who are not experiencing any hearing problems. Most hearing problems begin at the early stages of infancy, mainly when hearing test are irregularly performed. Though the magnitude of the hearing problem may be negligible initially, especially at the teenage years, the problem is likely to progress dramatically to become a severe issue at adulthood, resulting even to hearing loss.


Top reasons for Learning Sign Language

Why you should I learn sign language? Great question, sign language is a visual language that uses hand shapes and gestures, facial expressions and body language. Sign language is mostly used by people who are deaf, have hearing impairments or have suffered hearing loss. (more…)

What is an Ear Infection?

An ear infection is an inflammation of the ear, usually caused by a virus or bacteria. Young children are more prone to getting an ear infection compared to adults. It’s advisable that you should always seek medical attention when you have an ear infection. This will help the doctors treat the condition fast hence reducing complications in the future. Therefore, we should exercise proper hygiene to avoid getting these ear infections. Most ear infections when managed well by a professional won’t recur in future. To see what the early symptoms of an ear infection are please carry on reading.


Hearing Loss | Symptoms and Causes.

Hearing loss is a common problem and often comes with age or is caused by recurring exposure to loud noises. It is estimated that there are more than 10 million people in the UK with some degree of hearing loss and they are oblivious of it as it has become part of there everyday life. It’s very common for hearing loss to happen progressively over time. The overall signs of hearing loss include trouble hearing other people when they are talking clearly and misinterpreting what they are saying, questioning people and asking them to repeat themselves continuously, and listening to music or watching TV with the volume turned up higher than other people would consider necessary.