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Ear Examinations, the information you need

Also known as otoscopy or auriscopy, an ear examination involves the screening of the ear by a medical practitioner. There are a number of factors that may necessitate this procedure or it may be carried out along with other routine physical checkups. Some of the reasons to pay the doctor a visit may include pain, loss of hearing, lump, discharge or presence of an object in the ear. The symptoms are, however, not limited to this list. The following is the information you need to know regarding the procedure.


How to protect your hearing on fireworks night

For millions of people around the world, fireworks display a mark or a pinnacle during the celebrations. But as these amazing displays excite our eyes, we tend to forget about our ears. Just like other explosives and bombs fireworks produce sound decibels that are well past what our ears can accommodate. For instance, one single explosion may lead to irreversible trauma to the inner ear resulting in a permanent or temporary hearing, ringing in the ears or hearing problems. Luckily, it’s very easy to protect your ears and those of your loved ones during fireworks. (more…)

The effects of hearing loss in seniors and what we can do to help

“The secret of a good old age is simply an honourable pact with solitude.” – Gabriel García Márquez

These lines sadly represent the most senior citizens out there. They have made a pact with solitude when they have reached a ripe old age after going through diverse phases of life. After fighting several wars, difficulties and breathtaking situations throughout the life; finally, when they were ought to be loved most, they ended up making peace with solitude.

There are many reasons as to why this happens but one of the major problems among all that senior citizens face is the problem of hearing. I can’t possibly think of any problem worse than this. It is the hearing loss which separates a person or cuts him off from the other people. Victims of this problem are more prone to dangerous states of – depression, loneliness, feeling of insecurity and loss of social life. (more…)


We are having another one of our extremely popular hearing events with 5 of the best hearing aid manufacturers.

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Understanding Hearing Aid Battery Life

Everyone that has a hearing aid knows how frustrating it can be when you are out and about, having some fun engaging in your favourite activities and then out of nowhere your hearing aid runs out of battery! Of course, more people will generally carry a spare set of batteries with them just for this occasion but we just wanted to point out some of the do’s & don’t’s regarding your hearing aid batteries.

Hopefully, by the end of this, you will have picked up some pointers on how to extend the life of your batteries so you will never be caught out again. For those of you who new to hearing aids, this is a great opportunity to get started in the right way.


6 Tips To Avoid Hearing Aid Damage This Summer

Don’t let the heat hurt your hearing aids!

With the summer here, it’s great to be able to enjoy the warm weather and spend time outdoors, but for hearing aid users it can present some problems.

Hearing aids can be damaged when exposed to the heat and humidity.  Temperature changes can cause condensation, and increased perspiration in the hot weather can prevent them from working properly.  Damage could result in distorted or weak sound quality, reduced battery life and inconsistent functionality.

We recommend the following to keep your hearing aids working efficiently during the summer.