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hearing clinic ear wax removal


hearing clinic ear wax removal

Why you should get a professional to clean your ears 

Quite a number of people don’t give much importance to having their ears cleaned appropriately on a regular basis. We often clean our ears and when we do; we normally use a tool like a cotton swab. The main reason causing us to opt for such tools is the fact that we often are able to find them in virtually any health store near us and they’re generally very easy to obtain. Another reason for this is the fact that they’re cheap and won’t cost us much. One thing we fail to realise is that while these tools help us clean the ears to some extent, they often push the ear wax back into our ears. This has the potential of causing the earwax to build up. This, in turn, could lead to further issues of the ear.

The importance of having regular hearing tests even if you don’t think you need them


Let’s face it; most of us only see a medical specialist when it’s definitely needed. In fact, we see a specialist only when our doctor told us to. And that is quite normal; why would you make an appointment with an optician if there is no problem with your eyes or vision? Or why see an orthopedist if you have no broken bones? Why see an audiologist if you don’t detect any problems with your hearing? (more…)

Tips for Cleaning Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are important tools. They’re such a big help which makes ruining one to be quite a loss. Cleaning hearing aids can be a chore, but it will keep them in good condition. (more…)

How do hearing aids work?

Hearing aids are small electronic devices that are worn behind or in the ear by people with hearing problems. They make some sounds to be louder so that the person wearing them is able to listen, communicate and be able to fully participate in the activities of the day. They can be helpful for hearing in both noisy and quiet environments.

A strange fact is that only a fifth of those with hearing problems actually use them!


Why do we have ear wax?

We all have ear wax. Except at certain points in time, we feel that it has accumulated too much to continue having it piled up in the year. But how do we know when and how to rightly remove the wax? Before we get to answer these questions, let’s talk more about the ear wax. The formal name for the earwax is cerumen. It’s naturally produced by the human body and is a mixture of cholesterol, long-chain fatty acids and a chemical compound known as Squalene. Cerumen is secreted by glands found in the out ear canal to serve some purposes that we’ll look at later in depth. The fat content of the ear wax is between 30 and 50 per cent and serves to coat the ear so as to moisturize it. Most of us produce enough wax for the ear except for a few people who have to seek medical help to correct their condition. (more…)

How to Reverse Hearing Loss Naturally 

Believe it or not, hearing loss can start at your 20s. It won’t be an immediate, obvious loss though. It would happen little by little, and by the time its effects become apparent to you — and maybe those around you, too — you’ll still probably be in denial. (more…)