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hearing aids bedford
hearing aids bedford

Lyric Hearing Aids

Authorised Lyric Centre

Want to forget your hearing loss? Then wear a Lyric hearing aid – the new 100% invisible extended wear device.
Lyric are the very latest invisible hearing aids on the market for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. No more changing batteries, taking your hearing aids out at night and putting them back in the morning – they are there -24/7.


The Lyric instrument is only 12mm long and is inserted far into the ear canal, just 4mm from the ear drum. Once it is inserted, you can forget about it.You can live your life with no restrictions because it is worn day and night.





Benefits of Lyric Hearing Aids

  • 100% invisible – no-one will be able to see that you are wearing a hearing aid.
  • 100% maintenance free – you can shower, exercise, sleep with the Lyric, and no more changing batteries.
  • 100% sound quality –the Lyric is positioned right inside the ear canal which means you are using the natural properties of your outer ear with improved localisation. Its position also helps to cut out feedback and occlusion which you can get from other hearing devices.
  • 100% hearing – taking hearing aids out overnight can be worrying for some people, because you are unable to hear the doorbell, phone or partner, for example, but being able to sleep with the Lyric can be reassuring and comforting.


To find out more about this exciting new development, book an appointment with us by calling us today on 01234 348144, Alternatively you can visit our contact page and fill out the form.