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Is it Possible to Help with Your Hearing Loss?

The question of whether you can gain back the use of their hearing after losing it is one that a lot of people are concerned about. The possibility of regaining your ability to hear is largely dependent on the cause of the loss in the first place. The most common cause of hearing loss is age. However, there are other causes of this problem that are not related to your age. In this piece, we want to explore some of the most common causes of hearing losses and whether it is possible to recover from them or not.

1. Hearing Loss as a result of age
The ability to hear gradually reduces as we advance in age. However, this happens in quite slowly over time, most of us do not even realize it in its early stages. The most common signs are when you realize you’ve got problems hearing somebody speaking on the phone or when you start asking people to repeat themselves when they speak. The cause of this loss is natural as the inner ear keeps changing. It can also be caused by the extended use of headphones with loud music. This kind of hearing loss is not reversible. The only remedy is to use hearing aids. There are many different types and styles available, once you have completed a hearing test you will then need to decide which type of hearing aid you would like.

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2. Hearing loss due to earwax buildup 
Earwax is very important to our ears. It helps protect and clean the ear. Under normal circumstances, the ear has the capacity to clear the wax out by itself. However, we often get the temptation to use cotton swabs for cleaning them. Unfortunately, this can get the wax stuck in the ear. This can cause loss of hearing. The good news is this type of loss can easily be restored, even by using the available home remedies. If you are unable to regain your hearing after trying the home remedies, you may need to consult your doctor or local audiologist. They will be able to perform micro-suction, irrigation or Jobsons Horn methods to help your situation.

3. Sudden loss of hearing
Where some people have lost their ability to hear partially or fully over a period of time, some people suddenly lose their hearing. Sometimes people who experience this kind of loss are able to regain hearing within one or two weeks without treatment. However, this condition can be treated by corticosteroid shots or pills. You should always consult your doctor or local audiologist.


4. Hearing loss due to infections
This type of hearing loss is also reversible. If you realize that your hearing is worsening mildly as if you if you’ve been wearing earing plugs you should make sure to get yourself checked. A number of the cases of loss of hearing due to infection resolve by itself but can also be treated by the use of antibiotics. It’s also worth noting that viruses may cause loss of hearing. You should definitely make sure to get checked if you feel dizzy or think you have an infection.

Generally, most hearing losses can be improved, helped, and treated, just don’t expect it to be back to the same level it was before. However, a lot of studies have been done and are still being done with the aim to find a way to restore hearing. Currently, there are a number of ways that have been said to have the potential to reverse hearing loss. These include Stem Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy, Cell Therapy, and Viral Therapy. With these methods, scientists and professionals believe that one day, they’ll find a breakthrough. That it will be possible to reverse hearing losses completely, irrespective of the cost.