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The Importance of Having Regular Hearing Tests | Even if You Don’t Think You Need Them


Let’s face it; most of us only see a medical specialist when it’s definitely needed. In fact, we see a specialist only when our doctor told us to. And that is quite normal; why would you make an appointment with an optician if there is no problem with your eyes or vision? Or why see an orthopedist if you have no broken bones? Why see an audiologist if you don’t detect any problems with your hearing?

Hearing aid

Getting any targeted medical tests for any reason usually has a motive behind it; take pain for example. Whenever we experience pain, that is our body’s way of telling us there’s something wrong with it and that’s when we take action, leading up to taking those necessary medical tests.

This may be true in most cases. However, there’s a difference when it comes to our hearing system. When we experience deteriorating hearing, it is not usually presented with pain.

While there are symptoms which we could look out for, they are subtle and do not always happen to everyone.

Now, allow me to share some of the telltale signs of hearing and ear problems:

  1. You constantly hear a ringing noise.
  2. You constantly misunderstand spoken words and always ask people to repeat themselves.
  3. You start having problems with maintaining balance.
  4. You notice an increase in the buildup of wax in your ear canal. (Now this is very important because this could indicate an ear infection and if not treated immediately, would lead to total loss of hearing).
  5. Failure to hear certain sounds, specifically, high pitched sounds (E.G. Baby cries, women’s voice and birds’ tweets) as this is the first type of sound that people with hearing problems lose.

Hearing test

Most of the time, we won’t even realize that our hearing capabilities have already started declining.

We only take action when the loss of hearing becomes too apparent and it has started to affect our day to day living, but at that point, advanced medication or even surgery is already necessary.

For most adults, they always put the value of this test aside, convinced that it’s unlikely for them to develop hearing problems at least until they hit the age of 50, but studies and statistics show that this problem can actually affect anybody, regardless of age.

The best practice is to have regular hearing checkups, ideally, from infancy to being an elderly, and here are some of the reasons why:

1.Overall hearing and ear health:

Whenever you get your hearing tested, not only will the doctors test your hearing status, they will also check your ear as a whole.

They would check for any possible infection or any abnormal growth, ensuring that any possible ear ailments are prevented.

2.Social stability:

People who develop hearing problems tend to start turning away from society due to the feelings of inadequacy because of the many instances of miscommunication they experience when dealing with people.

Due to the increased solitary behaviour, the sufferer is likely to develop depression and deep anxiety.

3.Interrupted career growth:

Businesses demand able men and women to keep up with the fast-paced progressions of the business world, which means that people with hearing problems will have a hard time in terms of taking in information that is shared verbally.

This means that during meetings and seminars, a person who suffers from impaired hearing will ask the most questions and make the most requests to repeat subjects which were already discussed.

This is embarrassing and frustrating both to the sufferer and to the speaker and due to these obstacles; the sufferer is likely to have higher difficulties compared to others in terms of getting a promotion.


Getting your hearing checked is a painless and fast process.

Do yourself a favour and prevent any ear and hearing problems from ever becoming your worry by setting up an appointment today.