Cure for tinnitus in Hitchin, Letchworth and other areas is simple, if you trust us. Not just that, we can even help with ear wax removal in Luton and Letchworth.
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Hearing Aids & Accessories

  • Hearing Aids are available in various sizes:
    hearing aids

    Are you need of quality hearing aids and are in the Bedford, Luton, Letchworth, Hitchin areas or the surrounding area? Then our hearing clinic is perfect for you!

    Recent developments in digital technology have dramatically changed hearing aids performances as well as how hearing tests are done. These new performances include:

    • Reduced background noise, ensuring clearer sound quality
    • Improved listening comfort
    • Digitally enhanced the speech sounds you need to hear
    • Enabled accurate, fine tuning, to ensure the aid is tuned to your exact requirements

    Digital hearing aids are programmed to your particular loss, and will amplify more on the frequencies where you have more of a loss and less where you do not need so much amplification. Thereby levelling your hearing for a comfortable listening balance. This is the difference between digital and analogue hearing aids, which amplify everything the same, which leads to uncomfortable listening and background noise.

  • Hearing aid prices vary greatly according to various factors, such as type of the hearing aid and electronic features. As a guide, the more advanced and sophisticated the circuitry, the more expensive the hearing aids.

    Cost, however, should not be the only consideration when buying hearing aids and hearing equipment. The expertise of your hearing aid audiologist on product quality and the aftercare services you will receive, are important factors.

    When assessing the client’s requirements, we take into account lifestyle, work conditions, hobbies, leisure and outdoor pursuits as well as any personal references for particular type of hearing aids.

    Our prices range from £1500 to £2400 per hearing aid. This includes the supply of the hearing system, rehabilitation and the complete extensive aftercare package. Hearing aids are clinical devices, so they need to be prescribed and fitted by a qualified audiologist. The aftercare is a critical part of the service in order to obtain the absolute benefit from the hearing system.

  • We also specialise in custom made noise protection ear plugs for:

    • Shooting
    • Pilots
    • Musicians/ DJs
    • General protection i.e. noisy work environment, live music etc.

    If you are exposed to 85dB+ sound levels for long periods, you could benefit from using noise protection. Custom-made plugs are made from an impression of your ear, allowing for a perfect fit for your hearing care. The hearing protection seals your auditory canal from harmful noise while not applying any unnecessary pressure on the ear. Each noise plug is made from soft silicone for comfort.

    There are six filters available, which block out 9, 15,17, 20,25 or 27dBs.

    Also available: in-ear, flex, micro and universal monitoring.

  • We supply a wide range of hearing accessories to help with the everyday care and maintenance of your hearing aids and amplifiers. Our accessories include:

      • Audispray – spray into ear to soften and dispel wax
      • Eargene – for the relief of itching ears
      • Cleaning materials – wax remover spray, cleansing wipes
      • Batteries – supplied for all types of hearing amplifiers
      • Wax Guards
      • Tubing – by length or pre-formed
      • Dry Aid Kits – helps combat condensation in the tubing
      • Ear Mould Air Blowers – removes moisture & foreign matter from ear moulds after cleaning
      • Telephones – various available with amplifiers, flashing lights, large key pad, corded or cordless
      • Emergency Response Telephone – with remote emergency transmitter and other features
      • Ring Flasher – for people who cannot hear a normal doorbell – rings and flashes
      • Alarm clocks with shake & wake vibrating disc
      • Infra-red TV amplifying system
      • Loop Systems
      • Personal Amplifiers
      • Portable Telephone Amplifier – for use away from home, simple connection to almost any phone
      • Please use our order form for any of the above requirements. Leaflets available on request for all Assisted Listening Devices