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Hearing Aid Maintenance

You look to your hearing aid for better hearing and to help with everyday life. Therefore, you should always look to ensure its longevity. With some corrective maintenance and care, you’ll be able to extend the lifetime of your devices and cut back the possibility of them being defective.

Here are some useful tips that may help you get the most from your devices.


Avoid liquids and place in a dry location

These devices contain some advanced electronic equipment in its small shell, so if it’s exposed to liquid, it will most likely lead to damage. Though hearing aids are currently being created to be waterproof, it’s suggested that you just still remove them when taking a bath or swimming. If they do come in contact with water, make sure to dry them directly with a towel. You also want to avoid drying the hearing aids directly under a dryer for example, as the high heat could also lead to further damage.


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Replacing batteries regularly

Batteries can also cause damage to your devices if left unchecked for an extended period of time. Any moisture that is being trapped in the hearing aids can cause corrosion to the batteries. If for a few reasons you’re not using your devices for some days, it’s suggested that you simply take away the batteries for a short time.

Also, once you have taken out the batteries, it is suggested that you clean your device. This can be done carefully by using a slightly wet cotton piece. If the batteries start to get dirty, it will produce poor performance.


Keep hearing Aids free from wax

Earwax is one of the leading causes of decreased performance in such devices. Sadly, it’s not possible to avoid it. That’s why it’s necessary to use some time every now and then to wipe them.

After a daily basis of sporting your hearing aids, hold a dry cotton piece or soft brush and gently wipe away any wax or dirt that is on the device. Also, keep in mind to scrub both the microphone and the receiver.


Change your wax filter

When earwax is being removed from hearing aids, you’ll sporadically have to substitute the wax guard or filter. These guards or filters prevent the wax from reaching the interior parts of the device and harming them. The change of filter or guard should be done whenever you start to notice build-up on the filter.

It’s vital to understand that not all hearing aids use equivalent filters. Your hearing health care supplier will advise you which ones to use and show you ways you can alter it according to your device.


Schedule cleanings

Finally, something which is also recommended is scheduled cleanups every 4-6 months with a skilled personnel. You should also seek advice if you notice there may be something wrong. 

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