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Learn All About How Hearing Tests Work

Hearing loss is a common problem many people face in their lives. There are many causes for hearing loss that we will explore in this blog. Because hearing loss affects so many people a lot of people will be required to have a hearing test. A hearing test is a very important examination, where a specialist can tell you are suffering from hearing loss or not. And if it turns out you do they will be able to inform you as to what extent.


The test itself will last around 20 minutes. Before the test begins an expert will ask you some details in regards to your hearing. They will then proceed to test one ear first, moving on to repeating the same method with the other ear. And you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable as the hearing test is not uncomfortable at all.

How the Test Works

Let’s give you a bit of background on how the test works. Note that some hearing specialists may carry out slightly different tests, but in general, they should all be pretty similar. The standard test, which is known as the audiometry, would consist of you listening to the sounds of different tones and volumes through a pair of headphones.

You will then be asked if you can press a button each time you hear a sound. Throughout the test, the sounds will start to become quieter as a way of measuring the softness level you can hear. The results that you produce through the test will be recorded on something called an audiogram.

lady having her hearing test, wearing head phones and clicks button when hears a sound

Sends sound through the bones

You may then be asked to wear a headband with a vibrating pad that sends sounds through the bones in your head directly to the hearing organ in your inner ear. This organ is called the cochlea. And the test causes sensations to happens on both sides of your head.

Once again your task would be to press a button each time you hear a sound. The purpose of this test is to see if the cochlea and hearing nerve are working or are damaged. A rushing noise may be played into one ear to cover up sounds whilst they are testing the other ear.

Book the test as soon as you suspect! 

If you suspect you are suffering from hearing loss we advise you to book a hearing test ASAP. This is because the longer hearing impairment is left, the more chance there is of it getting worse. As well as decreasing future risks, why should you suffer when there are options for some forms of relief.

Once you have your results from your test you are on the path to being able to take appropriate action regarding your hearing health. If you are diagnosed with hearing loss the specialist will explain to you exactly the type of hearing loss you have. They will also explain to you if that particular type of hearing loss is treatable or if hearing aids are the solution.

How and where you can get a hearing test, as well as the cost of it, will vary depending on the region and country in which you are based, so have a look online at official healthcare websites or speak to your GP.

Specialist Hearing Tests

Here at Bedfordshire Hearing, we provide hearing tests, as well as hearing devices, and accessories. So, if you are thinking about booking in a hearing test or purchasing a hearing aid, then call us today on 01234 348144, or visit our contact page for more details.