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Reasons Why Your Hearing Aid Whistles

Having a whistling hearing aid can be very annoying, but that does not mean that the hearing aid is malfunctioning. The whistling in a hearing aid is called feedback. Hearing aid feedback occurs when the sound that is supposed to go into the ear canal leaves the ear and jumps into the hearing aid microphone causing the sound to get re-amplified and making the hearing aid to whistle.

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Learn All About How Hearing Tests Work

Hearing loss is a common problem many people face in their lives. There are many causes for hearing loss that we will explore in this blog. Because hearing loss affects so many people a lot of people will be required to have a hearing test. A hearing test is a very important examination, where a specialist can tell you are suffering from hearing loss or not. And if it turns out you do they will be able to inform you as to what extent.

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