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Professional Hearing Services

As well as the wide range of services we have outlined in detail below, we now have an ear syringing service.

  • Stephen will proceed with an examination of the ear canal and a full audiological assessment. This will take approximately 1hr 30mins. When carrying out this test we take into account your lifestyle such as work conditions, hobbies, leisure, outdoor pursuits; in fact your personal needs and in which situations you find the most difficulties.

    We have a sound booth where we can measure your hearing and compile an audiogram to enable us to establish your loss. We will ascertain if you have better hearing in one ear than the other, check your speech levels.

    Once completed, Stephen will describe the hearing instruments available, how they work and advise the best solution for your individual needs. He will explain all options to enable you to make a decision on the best course of action for you.

    It is extremely important to establish the type of impairment and the most suitable hearing aid for the person’s loss.

    A friend or relative is welcome to accompany you to help you feel at ease.

    Every hearing aid comes with a 2 year guarantee and at the end of this
    we can offer a yearly warranty. (See details on Our Service Plan,
    section Professional Hearing Services.)

    Hearing Tests are all free of charge.


  • If you decide to let us help you with your hearing problem, a follow-up appointment is arranged to fit the hearing system. The full potential of a hearing system can only be attained when tuned to match the clients’ hearing difficulty. Wearing time is gradually increased until clients receive the full advantages in a comfortable and natural manner.

    A thorough explanation will be given of all the controls, how to insert the aid in the ear, together with information for care of the instrument. You will also be provided with batteries and cleaning equipment at no extra cost.

    We guarantee to…

    • A hearing test… We’ll open your ears hearing experience
    • Offer total satisfaction with the hearing examination
    • Give every individual our undue attention without any interruptions in a relaxed environment.
    • Provide comprehensive assessment and visual video otoscopy, puretone audiometry, speech testing, tympanometry and digital speech mapping.
    • Use innovative methods to make sure that you get an accurate examination.
    • Offer a Loyalty Card Scheme for batteries
    • Reinstate our commitment to your conveniences by learning from our 40 years’ worth of expertise and experience in the local region as a family-run practice.
    • Recommended by Which? Local as an independent practice

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  • We guarantee to…

    • Provide services via caring team who’ll always go the extra mile for you.
    • Ensure that you are provided help as and when you need it.
    • Make sure that you get comfortable hearing aids
    • Listen to what you’ve got to say.
    • Ask for your valuable reviews so that we can have a look at the feedback forms and accordingly improve your experiences.
    • Help you in case of hearing care emergencies.
    • Offer you cold or hot refreshments.
    • Keep your waiting periods as little as possible. And just in case, there are up-to-date magazines as well.

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  • We offer a full professional aftercare service. A number of follow up appointments are made to enable Stephen to discuss and review progress and make any minor adjustments if necessary and that you are achieving the maximum benefit. It can take time and patience to adjust to wearing a hearing aid system, but we will guide you until you are completely satisfied. We then have 6-monthly follow-up appointments to check and clean the aids to ensure they are working up to specification.

    All hearing Instruments are supplied with a written 60 day return option.

    We are able to provide hearing instruments to suit all our client’s needs, covering all aspects of hearing loss.

    Integrity, care & expertise means we will do our utmost to find the best hearing solution for your problem. We are committed to help you with your hearing and will only give you the very best advice and hearing instruments available. Finance available.

    We guarantee…

    • Have a happy, friendly and caring team who will always go the extra mile for you
    • 60-day no-hassles happiness policy. If you are not comfortable or happy with your new hearing aids, we will simply go ahead and change them
    • A two-year warranty covering manufacturing defects on most of the systems.
    • Structured aftercare package, including adjustments, servicing and cleaning


  • Most of our aids are supplied with a 24 month guarantee from the manufacturer. We also offer the same guarantee with regard to any adjustments required, cleaning, re-tubing etc. In fact, any problems you may have with your aid, you only have to pick up the phone or walk in the door and we will be more than happy to make an early appointment for you.

    After the 24 month period, we offer a Warranty, which is £99.50 per annum, per aid (up to 6 years).

    This covers you for:

      • Any repairs to the aid (which can be quite costly if it needs to go back to the manufacturers)
      • Cleaning the aid and associated components
      • Re-tubing the mould
      • Servicing, re-assessments and adjustments
      • It does not however cover loss, accidental damage, the ear mould or case/shell

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