Cure for tinnitus in Hitchin, Letchworth and other areas is simple, if you trust us. Not just that, we can even help with ear wax removal in Luton and Letchworth.
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Are sounds becoming more distant? Finding yourself asking ‘pardon me’ in conversations more often? Are you constantly turning up the TV? If more than one of these relates to you, there may be an underlying problem. Why not book an appointment with our expert Audiologists, here at Bedford Hearing Centre, where we provide professional and efficient hearing tests completely free of charge in the Bedford, Luton, Letchworth and Hitchin area.

How is The Hearing Test Performed?

Audiology is the branch of science and medicine concerned with the sense of hearing, balance and other related disorders. Taking approximately 1hr and 30 mins, Stephen will provide a full examination of the ear canal and a complete hearing health assessment. Ensuring you’ll receive only the best hearing tests in Bedford, Luton, Letchworth and Hitchin.

Near the beginning of the hearing tests in Bedford, Luton, Letchworth and Hitchin, our audiologist will take the time to fully understand your lifestyle, difficulties and requirements, for example work conditions, hobbies, leisure, outdoor pursuits and more.

You will be told every step of the process for your treatment, including the hearing aids and instruments available and how they work. After the hearing test, we will provide our comprehensive and clear diagnosis, where we can assess if you need hearing aids, which hearing aids suits your individual needs or another treatment.

We will show you the type, pattern and degree of hearing loss and explain clearly how this impacts your ability to hear in our hearing tests Bedford.

Book a Hearing Test in Bedford!

With over 41 years of experience providing hearing aids with a renowned aftercare service, we ensure that you’ll receive the best expertise and peace of mind advice in your free of charge hearing tests in Bedford, Luton, Letchworth and Hitchin. Don’t delay if your struggling to hear, take action before it gets any worse and book a hearing test in Bedfordshire with us today! Please do give us a call with 01234 348 144 or visit our contact page and fill in our form.